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Grand China
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Self-catering for a small group

Chinese take away packThere are so many seasons to order in and so many choices but it can get expensive even when people split the bill. Unless you are a fond lover of Chinese in West Palm Beach it may be best to do a little of both DIY and take out. Here are a few good takeaways {no pun intended} for your next get-together.

The good old fashioned potluck

There’s no reason not to have a get together to watch a game or just hang out with your friends. It’s easy when everyone can afford it too. So, why not get everyone to bring something and do a potluck. Now you are the host so why should you cook and maybe you hate cooking or just plain don’t feel like it.  So you get to order take out. This can be done cheaply by ordering a combo platter or a bunch of appetizers. This goes a long way for just a few people and you get to sample some flavors from people that love to cook! Chinese and sushi may be the best bet as well as from an American Bistro—they normally make great appetizers.

Choose from the hat method

Not everyone like everything but if you give people choices they are more likely to enjoy themselves. Ask everyone to put the name of their favorite takeout food in a hat and then you choose from that without looking of course. This way whatever is chosen is a sure winner. You can have everyone collaborate before they write their favorite down to expel anything they don’t like.

Make it Pinwheels and Pizza

This is an easy favorite! Get a bunch of cheap wraps from the grocery store and everyone’s favorite fillings and make pinwheels. Just make sure it’s cold cuts or something not gushy. Wrap them as tight as you can after filling them 2-3 layers high with filling or meat and cheeses. Now, slice them into one inch rounds and you’ve got pinwheels. Add an appropriate number of cheese pizzas and you’ve got it made.