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How to Choose the Right Carpet

Know your carpet needs before buying oneYou can choose a carpet at any carpet store in Boca Raton but knowing how to choose the correct one for you is what can bring issues.  There is more to consider in this than you think but we will walk you through it in a few short points so you can be better armed looking for the perfect carpet for you.

Look at the durability before the look

A pretty carpet that wears down quickly or soils quickly will become an ugly carpet right away. Choose a carpet that has the elements of good durability first. For this you are looking at three important things. These are carpet construction; carpet thickness and carpet fiber.

Choosing a high-density carpet fiber means that it doesn’t crush or matt easily in high-traffic areas. The carpet is not going to be soft though unless you spend a pretty penny to get soft plus dense. You can then have a really good taste of both worlds—comfort and longevity so be prepared to pay for it.

The basic types of carpet available now

You’ve got the basic wool, nylon and Polyester. Wool is the most eco-friendly and nylon is the industry favorite for strength and durability. Frankly, these three give you a lot of the same elements and there is no need to go any farther than these; however, there are others like Solution Dyed polyester; Triexta and Olefin are supposed stain resistant. But most of these are not treated with a stain guard so how this happens—we don’t know really.

Other than that, the really important part is choosing and investing in the underlay. This keeps the integrity of the carpet through its life and actually extends the longevity of it. Ask the carpet store for a quote for laying the carpet and see if they have specials or discounts on the carpet itself if you are doing multiple wall to wall rooms. Also, you’ll want rug runners for high-traffic areas. These runners are to keep the new carpet from having to be cleaned too early.