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How to maintain a carpet and extend its life

Ideas to increase the life of your CarpetBelieve it or not, people still have carpet cleaners Riviera Beach. It’s great for a lot of things including insulation, noise and comfort. There are people who are die-hard carpet lovers. And, this is why we need to tell you how to preserve the life of the carpet. It’s easy to ruin a carpet so there are steps to take to save you being stuck with replacing the carpet too soon.

The Underlay

One thing you need to become acquainted with is the underlay. The experts say that the carpet is only as good as the underlay. This is true since this is the hopefully thick under layer of the carpet that absorbs stains and noise and temperature. It also and most importantly protects the integrity of the carpet.

Cleaning the carpet will affect the underlay. The underlay can be anything from a paper like substance to a foam and other materials. If the carpet is cleaned by steaming or shampooing more than maybe quarterly it will weaken the underlay; hence, weakening the carpet integrity.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is what is recommended. This means removing stains as they come. It also means using a non-caustic chemical. This is because there a danger or wearing and discoloring the carpet.

Throw Rugs

Use throw rugs whenever possible. They should be placed on the high-traffic areas. These areas are from the front door to the rest of the house at least 6 feet of protection should be provided. There are traffic rugs that are actually plastic. These aren’t the most attractive but, they can be placed in places that are not highly visible. The whole purpose is to catch the dirt and not track it on the carpet in the rest of the house.  These you need to carpet sweep or vacuum several times a week. This you can do once a day if you want it won’t hurt the carpet or the underlay. High pile carpets do need to be deep cleaned quarterly with a shampoo which is safe on this carpet.