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Why a Bathroom Remodel will cost you over Ten Thousand Dollars

Small bathroom remodeling ideasWhen most people budget for a bathroom remodeling Boynton Beach they don’t really budget the way the contractor you get will. This is not a piece about how the contractor will rip you off. This is a piece about what it realistically will cost the contractor. You see, when most people sit down to budget what they have to put aside for a bathroom remodel job—they only take into consideration the cost of the materials and some of the labor. And that’s the labor for one guy. But, this is only going to bring you a $4,000 dollar bill. Then much to your surprise, you get a $10,000 bill.

Labor and Mistakes

You would think the contractor would be responsible for their own mistakes but, that isn’t what happens. There is a tremendous markup for the margin of mistakes that need to be covered. People are human and every job is different there will never be a time that there will be no mistakes. This could be a malfunction in equipment and a tile is miscut. There could be an accident from people walking and occupying a small space and something could break and need to be replaced. There have been cases of faulty product like a toilet that cracks and breaks during an installation. Yes, some may argue that this is their problem and they should take such things out-of-pocket but this is not realistic as they would be out of business and you wouldn’t have a contractor.

The rest of the money goes to—you guessed it—several $20 plus dollar an hour contractor. It always takes more than one. This is for a full bathroom remodel. So, to save a bit. Buy your own materials unless they can do it cheaper. Then take one job at a time. Pay for the plumbing first—that is the most expensive. Then the tiling may be done by you as well as any painting. Do the labor intensive stuff yourself and the contractor for the other challenging stuff.