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Top cheap ways to do a beautiful Bathroom Remodeling job

Pocket friendly ideas for remodeling your bathroom Everyone loves a bathroom remodeling in Boca Raton but not everyone can afford to do the whole thing right away. There are ways to do a great bathroom remodeling job with these top easy ideas.

Sometimes you buy a home and walk into a bathroom that horrifies you. It’s pink with pink tile and a pink tub—those 1960’s type things. This can prompt anyone to want to remodel prior to moving in entirely. But, there are easy way to make things livable until you can do the whole thing and not have to look at the horror the previous owners left.

Use as little tile as possible

Forget the inside of the shower stall and focus on the floor and the counter tops of the sinks. You can use a special tile paint they sell at any DIY shop and paint the inside of the shower that no one will see but you. Then splurge on the floor and buy some nice fluffy bathroom throw rugs in white or your favorite colors.

Work on the sink part

If you want to change the sinks you can find some real winners online. You can even do brass taps as well. You can splurge on the marble for the sink counter tops and make them bigger. Replace the mirrors with something that is framed with some style. This will all detract from the other features you don’t like and can’t yet get to.

If all else fails don’t be afraid to paint

A lovely pastel color does wonders for a bathroom along with some beachy or modern art. You can remove every bit of tile on the walls and re plaster very cheaply. This, you can do for $100. Then paint is not expensive at all for such a small room with maybe one and a half walls to paint. Place some brass or gold coat hooks on the walls for towel and match the sink fixtures accordingly. You can replace cabinet handles as well. Focus on the main focal points.