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How to save wisely for Auto Repair

The Cost of repairing Your Car at an Auto repair ShopSaving for auto repair wellington can be daunting if you aren’t a good money-manager. Here we’ll give you some personal finance tips so that your car doesn’t bury you under a mound of debt.

What a car really is:

A car isn’t just a cool and convenient piece of machinery. It’s a pretty hefty investment. It’s like having a pet or a kid. Unless you’re a trust-fund baby this takes money you have to actually plan for. So, here we will get you to look at what it really takes to own a vehicle for new and then for used.

Owning a New Car

Owning a new car means that you have two fixed payments. One, for your car note and the other for your actual insurance. This can run a good $500 or more a month. This is like your rent even. So, this is what most people will budget for. However, there is another substantial pile of money that not many will budget for especially when it’s a new car. That would be repair and maintenance. Now, for a new car, you need to look at two things. What your warranty covers and if you don’t have one—get one and then look at an extended warranty as well that covers major parts. Then, have a look at what insurance covers. Have someone qualified interpret it for you as well. Then, whatever you aren’t covered for, make a list and get the part prices and of course put it away in an account you won’t touch.

This means when all else fails you—you’re covered.

Owning a Used Car:

A used car comes with automatic work to be put into it. So, discuss with the seller what they will do to replace stuff like brake pads etc. If not, make them lower the price. If you buy in a huff because you need a car, then, be prepared to spend at least another $500 over the price to make sure it’s road-worthy and doesn’t blow up on you; bottom line ,period…