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Should I go to an auto body shop or mechanic?

Windshield Repair in JupiterSo when is an auto-body shop in Jupiter necessary? Here we’ll tell you when it’s actually necessary to go to an auto body shop plus a few other key points to know before you go. Many are confused about the difference between the auto body shop and a mechanic. Mostly because after a collision you may need both.

So what role does a mechanic play?

The mechanic is the party that takes care of the internal damage to the mechanisms that were caused by the collision. This is basically all that he or she is responsible for. The estimate is totally separate from the body shop because it will typically be two separate places. Now, there are many places that are big chains that will do auto mechanic work and body work in the same place and it is billed to the same people.

However, there is one caveat. Make sure that you receive a separate, itemized and written estimate for both regardless of whether it’s being done in the same place or not.

The auto body services role:

These people deal with the body damage only that was caused by the collision. They bang out dents and rebuild the sections of the chassis that are damaged as well as repaint the body. Their job is to restore the outer look of the vehicle back to road-legal standard as well as back to its original form. This may or may not be entirely possible depending on the severity of the collision. This needs to be reflected in the estimate. You can generally negotiate price a bit better with the body shop because the way the car runs as nothing to do with the way it looks. So, think of what you can afford.

Order of execution

Make sure you get the quote from the mechanic first. Find out what the insurance will cover if anything. This makes it easier to negotiate what you’ll let the auto body shop do in the first place. Don’t leave yourself short in the process.