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How to maintain the Air Conditioner

Common Air Conditioning Repair IssuesEveryone has an air conditioner and but they get taken for granted most of the time. Many have no idea how to maintain an air conditioner. But if you don’t want to have a large bill in the middle of the summer. This may just be the time your air conditioner packs up and pays you back for not dealing with it when you should have. So, here you’ll find out just how to maintain your air conditioning West Palm Beach and of course the signs of trouble.

Maintain those filters

The filters are where the dust, germs and dirt get sucked in so you don’t breathe it in. It’s a clogger and needs to be dealt with regularly. You’ll have to unplug the A/C depending on the model. Take the filter out and wash it with soap and water. Then replace it once it’s dry or just damp. You’ll have to ring it out too to get the heavy wet out. You also have to replace torn filter. There can’t be holes or tears—it defeats the purpose.

Clean the drainage system

This needs to be cleaned with a bottle brush from end to end. This is the drain tube you are looking for to clean thoroughly. Take ¼ cup of chlorine bleach with 2 cups water and flush the drain clean.

Tips to getting the A/C to last longer

If you are going to be out of the house for most of the day, overnight or a few nights like a vacation no longer than a week; leave it off or turn it way down so it maybe comes on once a day. This will give the fan a break.

If you want to install window air conditioning make sure it’s not in a window facing the sun for long periods of time. During the winter months, take out the air conditioner or if you can’t then wrap up the outside to keep it free of debris. This would be the best thing to do so you aren’t prepared to use it in the summer and it’s broken.