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What are the Top Alternative Therapies Available

acupuncture for a healthy livingMany people nowadays are looking at having alternative therapies like Acupuncture Delray Beach or some other treatment. This comes from an awakening of sorts. People are realizing that they have a choice. The cost of health insurance has gone up and the cost of medication—for those who can even get it—has skyrocketed. We’ve also had enough of the governments of the world taking over even the seeds we use to try and grow our own food. So, this is the way of the world right now. Here we will introduce you to the most popular and common classic alternative treatments that are affordable and accessible to anyone.


This is a Chinese medical treatment that treats the body and balances the energy going to the organs of the body by way of a clearing using very fine painless needles. The needles are sterile and disposable and they are inserted into the superficial dermis. You don’t feel pain. You relax and allow them to do their work.


This is using pressure by hand in much the same way you use acupuncture except it is not invasive. Some people prefer this better.


This is the use of essential oils that are mixed in a base oil and rubbed on the body as in a massage and inhaled. The microscopic droplets of essential oil makes their way into the body by either method to treat a myriad of diseases and disorders and is used as an immense stress reliever. Some use it to clear the mind for meditation and for study and mental work.


Just like acupuncture this is a form of acupressure using the foot. The areas of the foot are connected to different areas of the body and the organs. Rubbing the foot by a trained reflexologist can release toxins, heal disease and disorder as well as relieve stress-related disorders. It will also clear blocked energy and balance hormones. The foot has a map on the bottom and you can find a diagram online for this. Applying pressure at different strengths is what activates this process.