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When to repair an appliance or replace it

Avoiding Costly Appliance Repairs Everyone is at some point going to be looking for the next appliance repair West Palm Beach. Sometimes they are worth a fix and sometimes they aren’t. So, here we will get into the ins and outs of how to tell if you need to replace the appliance or if it’s just as well that you have another new one.

According to the Consumer Reports if you bought a large appliance between 2003 and 2006 it broke within 3 years. So much for good workmanship nowadays yes? These were ovens, gas ranges, washer dryers and refrigerators. Sad state of affairs.

The 50% rule

The 50% rule states by most appliance repair services that if an appliance costs half the buying price then just buy another one. The refrigerator is one of the most common appliances to be replaced as of late. It’s also the most expensive. So, here is the way to tell when it’s really time to get a new fridge.

The first thing to consider is age. The fridge is to last 20 years, 15 at least. If it’s under age 8, then repair it. If it’s 15 then get a new one. The repairs are more costly as the fridge gets older. Then consider the type of fridge to be repaired. Top and bottom freezers have a 7 year expiry date. If it’s a side by side and it’s in need of repair it will be expensive due to the difficulty to repair. The built-in fridge is the easiest to repair.

Get an Energy Star rated fridge because any fridge 10 years old or more will be robbing you of money by sucking up more energy than it needs to.  

Appliances that are old will always use more power than is needed. Each appliance should be looked at after age five and tested for its energy efficiency. If they aren’t working at peak proficiency then get it replaced. Always ask the company or contact the manufacturer how the particular appliance works after 5 years regardless of what it is.